Aerial Silks Instruction
Aerial Silks Instructor's Manuals& DVDs Levels 1-3
Any activity that involves motion, rotation or height can cause injury and even
death. Aerial silks should never be practiced without the supervision of a qualified
coach or instructor.

Manuals, photos and videos are not a substitute for a certified and qualified aerial
silks instructor. They are intended to augment your instruction in the presence of
a qualified and knowledgeable coach or instructor in a supervised training
Aerial silks must always be practiced on a rigging point certified by a qualified
engineer and hung by a qualified rigger. Fabric and rigging must inspected
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Aerial Silks Instruction
Aerial Silks Instruction
Aerial Silks Instruction
Aerial Silks Instruction
Aerial Silks Instruction
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the tricks that are taught in Levels 1-3
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Level 1-3 Manuals & DVDs
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Aerial Silks Introductory
Instructor's Manuals & DVDs Series
The Circus Aerials Society works with independent aerialists who perform on aerial silks, hoop and dance trapeze to coordinate performances and shows.  We also teach
classes in aerial silks, hoop and dance Trapeze and sell Instructional Manuals and DVDs for Aerial Silks and other Aeirial arts. Aerial silks is also referred to as aerial tissu,
aerial fabric and aerial tissue,  in Vancouver, British Columbia