Circus Performers - David Anderson
Aerial Performer and Event Coordinator
David has been an aerial acrobat
performer since 2007, combining the
immediate, rural physicality of his roots
with an urban sophistication and
creative playfulness. David performs on
aerial silks, static trapeze, and aerial
hoop (lyra) as well as hand to hand but
prefers to swing from silk. Silk is, he
states, "a harsh, demanding yet
rewarding discipline."

David was born in the Southern interior
of BC and moved to Vancouver in 2001
to expand his views of life, education
and culture. David has performed with
many local community groups and for
several local celebrations as well as
corporate events and weddings. He has
also performed extensively for
Vancouver's nightlife crowd and loves
the thrill of an engaged, sexy audience.
In addition to David's work with the
Circus Aerial Society as a performer and
Event Coordinator David "balances" on
the Board of the Great Northern Way
Aerial Club.

Event Coordinator:
David is the planner and coordinator for
The Circus Aerials Society performance
events. He has the perfect combination
of amazing organizational skills and
creativity to make your event seamless
and spectacular.

David can be reached at

Circus Aerials Two Men Duet on Hoop
Circus Aerials David on Aerial Tissu
Circus Aerials Society David on Hoop
Circus Aerials Male and Female Duet on Hoop
Circus Aerials Male and Female Duet on Tiss
Circus Aerials Society Man on Aerial Tissu
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