Circus Performer - Israel Mota Reyes
Aerial Performer
Israel has been an aerial acrobat for
over ten years. Since moving to
Vancouver in 2007 , Israel has used his
skills and artistic flair to perform for
numerous corporate events and
nightclubs at fund raisers to help local
communities as well.  He has performed
and managed shows all across Mexico,
Cuba, the Southern United States, and
most recently Vancouver, Canada. He is
highly skilled in aerial hoop / lyra,
"running on the wall - harness", and
aerial silks / "Tissu Aérien" en Française
or "Acrobática en Tela" en Español.
Israel is amazingly flexible and enjoys
performing solo, duets and group
performances. Israel is a genuinely
artistic and powerful performer who
incorporates a wealth of lived
experience all over North America and
his passion for people and life into his
routines. Beyond performance, Israel is
fluent in Spanish, has taught aerial
acrobatics and is an experienced rigger.
Israel at Dr Peter AIDs Fundraiser
Israel and Dr Peter AIDs fundraiser
Israel and Dr Peter AID Fundraiser
Male Acrobat on Aerial Hoop
Circus Aerials Man on Hoop
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