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Lucky's core training started inside the doors of Circus West
at the mere age of four. She was a part of this circus group
for seven years before a change to  competetive tumbling
and dance training was made. In the summer of '06 Lucky
and Cori met at the Vancouver Circus school and have been
working together since.   
Lucky is the Co-Artistic Director of Circus Aerials
Lucky is an amazing performer and expresses her
personality and passion for Aerial Arts through her
Lucky is an independent performer who works as a
solo artist as well as with Circus Aerials and other
companies that are interested in contracting her to
She can be reached through Circus Aerials at
Circus Aerials - Lucky
Lucky is an enthusiastic and inspiration
coach. She has been sharing her knowledge
and expertise in Aerial Arts for the past three
years. She also works as a gymnastics
coach and is NCCP Level 1 certified and
Level 2 trampoline coach.
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