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Our Aerial Silks program is designed to assist
instructors who are teaching both the skills and the
cautions necessary to participate in a logical and fun
Aerial Silks program for Children and Adult
Beginners. Our Artistic Director, Cori Woolfe
developed and implemented this program to teach
the coaches at the Vancouver Circus School, how to
teach Aerial Silks.

Aerial Silks is physically demanding and many
children and adults become discouraged because of
the strength required to learn skills. From her
experience as an adult learner and through teaching
silks to children, she developed a program that will
allow students to learn skills using LOGICAL
PROGRESSIONS that will develop strength while
they learn skills and performance routines.

This program was developed with assistance from
Aaron Johnson, to help both students and other
instructors to further develop their skills and to train
new instructor’s to expand the aerial silks program.

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The skills used by The Circus Aerials Society have
been acquired, adopted and developed from the
culminated exposure to many other Aerialists that
we have met over the years. We have had the great
privilege of learning skills from many other silks
artists and instructors who have very generously
shared their expertise. They include but are not
limited to: Sam Alvarez from Montreal,  Rebecca
Leonard from Toronto,  Laura Paxton from Seattle,
WA, Ginny Ritchie from New Zealand, Elsie and
Serinty Smith and from Cirkids; Colleen Yeun  and
Jay Nunns. We have also had the benefit of learning
from others we have performed with such as
Evrard,  Monica Tse, Israel Mota Reyes, Claire,
Talitha, Lucky and David Anderson as well as all of
the other aerialists from Cirkids, VCS and especially
the Great Northern Way Aerial Club who motivate
and inspire us.
Aerial Silks Instructional Manuals Crucifix Position
Aerial Silks Instructional Manuals Falling Angel
Aerial Silks Instructional Manuals Saltoed Egg
Aerial Silks Instructional Manuals Splits
Aerial Silks Instructional Manuals Saltoed Egg in Knot
Aerial Silks Introductory Levels
Aerial Silks Instructional Manuals Arabeque Sequence
Manuals, photos or video are not a substitute for a certified and qualified aerial silks
These manuals, photos and videos are intended to augment the instruction in the
presence of a qualified coach in a supervised training environment.
.Any activity that involves motion, rotation or height can cause injury and even death. Aerial silks
should never be practiced without the supervision of a qualified coach or instructor.
Aerial silks must always be practiced on a rigging point certified by a qualified
engineer, on load tested fabric using load-tested rigging equipment.
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